Welcome to the Renovation Innovation blog! As a realtor, homeowner, and a “learn the hard way” renovator, I am pleased to offer this blog as a platform for distributing tips, vendor reviews, area news, and of course weekly properties. This blog is inspired by the style of homes and boutique real estate in South Florida and in particular in Miami Beach that either are cutting edge in terms of function, style, and location, or are in need of TLC.

Being a transplant from LA and New York, there was a definite adjustment period I experienced and when I began the renovations on my own home, there were frustrations to say the least. Vendor dissatisfaction, delayed timelines, ordinance issues, and more have been the subject of many a complaint, however along this journey I have also had the opportunity to sing the praises of many businesses and contractors, that I would like to share with you. As a realtor, part of my job is to show people the possibilities for a home, and possibilities for a lifestyle that they envision in a space, what better way to communicate this to my clients than through my own experience. Please feel free to contact me if you need guidance down your own renovation path, or if you are looking to join the ranks of renovators and innovators in Miami Beach. Thank you for visiting my blog and check back in for updates!

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